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Economic Sustainability

NIDO offers micro-loans for start-up business in the local area around our school in Uganda.

The goal is to create community stability and peace in a sustainable way. With the cost of education relieved, community members have money to pay for other essential costs. Their children will also gain the tools to advance in life due to their education and create an economically stable next generation.

NIDO also works with local communities to cultivate and harvest Jatropha, soybean, corn and other oil producing plants that are sold to oilseed press processors for use in vegetable oil production, to create income for the community.

Local communities can afford to switch from biomass based fuel systems to plant based fuel systems to meet their energy needs because of NIDO partnerships with plant-based oil distributors. These changes empower the local community, both economically and technologically, to fight back against climate change.

Trident Initiative

Trade Busaries

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