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How We Work

Local Programs In Canada

Youth Job Skills Development And Internships

NIDO pre- screens youths from BIPROC , Native Communities and other disadvantaged groups  who are then placed  on paid Jobs  skills training programs at NIDO   -Job skills training centers  where they gain variable  skills to help them transition easier into Employment  .  The students learn various skills including but not limited to MS applications, CRM & data base skills, customer service skills ,   telephone handling and other skills essential  for an seamless transition into Employment .  several graduates of this program have   successfully transitioned into roles at several organizations here are some testimonies 

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The Knowledge Box

NIDO monthly financial literacy training for new Canadians and other groups for whom access to such knowledge is limited or Non existed. The training includes but not limited to - definition of and how to responsibly use Credit cards, the vitality of maintaining a good Credit score, the different tax assisted retirement savings programs (RRSPs, TFSAs etc) and how to access them as a part of sound family wealth creation plan, real estate – including how to prepare for and apply for financing, the various federal programs available to first time home buyers and how to access these programs & the tax code.

New Comer Re-settlement Assistance

NIDO in partnership with several private and public sector partners help new comers when it to assistance with how to apply for and where to find resources including but not limited to housing, healthcare, schools, Banking, credential evaluation and re- certification, paid training and government assisted/ funded resettlement programs where applicable.

International Programs

School Partnerships With School Boards For BHM Programming & Global Citizenships

NIDO Partners with different school boards when it comes to their BHM programming through the creation, development of and presentation of programing including but not limited to speakers, artists and educational content be it historical or current through our Suubi fusion troupe programming

Social Enterprises

Our long term vision is to create a eco system that provides market based solutions that solve some of our life’s greatest challenges operating on for profit principles with net earning going to fund our social justice commitments . This we do through using our expertise, entrepreneurial skills and firm sense of vision to create valuable business brands/ opportunities that provide market based services with net earnings going to towards our long term of mission of advancing access to education and wild life conservation. We aim to be an organization whose private and social justice interventions have in built capacity for problem solving / value opportunities at a large scale once systems and SOPs are firmly established. We are inspired by the works of those who came In this space before including the work of the Late Paul Newman’s LET

Our Healthcare Training Brand

Trident healthcare institute; Home | Trident Healthcare Institute ( provides training in various health, mental and social care online and online diplomas , several health& social care short courses and CPD’s for practitioners with in the health and social care sector . with the fees per course is a % that goes to to our work and also part of the profits goes to NIDO to help fund is social justice work.

Trident Healthcare Services

Server to help IENs & HP’s with their transition into the Canadian healthcare human capital market through offering advisory, help with Credentialing , language testing and career guidance when it comes to various pathways open to internationally educated healthcare workers or Nurses when it come accreditation to practice in Canada. Net earnings after cost per candidate also goes to our NIDO work.

Our Digital (BIM) Focused Engineering Institute

Through the NIDO trust south Africa ; we operate Trident engineering Institute; Trident Engineering Institute whose focus is to advance access to BIM training at all levels first in south Africa but with a goal of getting these skills all over Africa. Our goal is use BIM skills transfer to help young people pick up in demand skills that can help quickly integrate into the local and international high value digital engineering skills market be is at MEP technicians, auto card technicians or REVIT technicians

Access To Education

We directly operate and indirectly support the budget needs of several pre-primary , secondary and vocational schools and institutions who grant a seat in school for pre-selected beneficiaries per our programs . These schools include but not limited to

The Mother Keving Primary School

a primary school with a capacity of 1000 Primary school age students operated on a system where NIDO provides bursaries and infrastructure so those students pre-selected based on our program goals can access an education . This school also houses our NIDO east Africa head quarters.

The Cambridge Secondary School

High school with a mandate to grant access to high school education to girls who otherwise would have access to a high school education.

Vocational and Tertiary Education

Through partnerships with several vocational, tertiary and on the job skills based training – NIDO offers bursaries , apprenticeship , on the job training funding to help youths who fall into our priority areas of focus gain skills to help them fight their way out of poverty and related vices like poaching & for girls child marriages.
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Sports For Social Change

NIDO’s pioneering sports for social change programs award bursaries for out standing athletes in various disciplines to attend school at primary , secondary and tertiary levels . The goal of these programs is help promising athletes gain an education based their athletic prowess and for those that go on to make a professional career out of sports – good for them but for those that do not ; They have an education to fall back on – see academy and club information .

Why BIM?

BIM is a process for creating and managing all of the information on a project through the whole life cycle of a built asset, from initial design to construction, maintaining and finally decommissioning, through digital modeling. BIM is all about collaboration - between engineers, owners, architects and contractors in a three-dimensional virtual construction environment (shared data environment), and it shares information across these disciplines. Source: BSI Group 2021

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