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Mission Statement

Endemic Poverty in East Africa has made the problems with access to education, endangered animal conservation, and gender equality interconnected. NIDO’s elegant and multistage approach improves access to education for children and youth regardless of gender, supports the protection of endangered animals while fighting against climate change, and provides the means for a better future.


Vision Statement

A caring handshake comes from both sides. NIDO empowers communities by increasing access to basic services, with focuses on education for children & youth irrespective of genders, cleaner energy alternatives, and assistance in the financing of local start-up business in Uganda. In exchange for this, Ugandan wildlife conservation rangers and community members commit to the better protection of endangered animals and assist in the building of critical infrastructure that benefits the community. This powerful partnership helps support the 4 E’s of access to Education, Environmental protection, gender Equality and social Economic self-sustenance in a lasting way.

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