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Our History

NIDO started as a family project meant to give back to our community, managed by my family based in Uganda and financed by our brothers and sisters working abroad. Our team has now developed into two chapters based in Uganda and Canada.

Our Team in Uganda

Mrs. Kevin Kalule
NIDO Advisor and Counselor in Chief
Director and Proprietor of Cambridge Secondary School, Kyengera. (
Mrs. Kalule is a retired nurse, mother of 6 adult children and a grandmother. She serves as the director of Cambridge Secondary School in Uganda, managing education services for 400 students between 12 and 19 years old. She has developed deep roots in her community, and she tirelessly provides guidance and support to NIDO.

Justine Birabwa
NIDO Country Representative / Country Director – Uganda
Operations / Programs manager at Cambridge Secondary School, Kyengera (
Justine is an Information Technology professional, with experience developing IT solutions for the Health care sector and not-for-profit organizations in Uganda. Justine offers extensive knowledge of the local people, languages, community and local leaders and extensive technical knowledge, negotiation skills and vision. She is passionate about developing education locally to alleviate poverty.

Herman Sebayigga
NIDO Project Coordinator
Herman has faithfully served the students and staff at Cambridge Secondary School since its inauguration. He manages social enterprise projects such as farming projects and brick laying projects. Herman is a graduate of Business Administration, and his experience managing projects locally is invaluable to NIDO’s development.

Our Team in Canada

Henry Lukenge
NIDO President & Honorary Chairman, FCCA, CGA.
Henry is an experienced finance and business professional with over 15 years of work in both private and public sectors on three continents. He is currently operating businesses in the health care and sustainable energy sectors. Henry has served to support NIDO by promoting their projects and upholding international standards of accountability. He regularly conducts financial audits on NIDO project budgets and reviews operational plans to improve efficiencies. Mrs. Kalule is Henry’s mother, and together they strongly believe in the value of addressing educational infrastructure shortages in Uganda to support the sustainable development of their homeland.

Arnold Muhanguzi
NIDO External Accountant, B.Com, ACCA
Arnold is a Chartered Accountant with experience in the set up and preparation of budgets, cost analysis, supply chain and financial management for social enterprises. He contributes to, and ensures that NIDO stays prudent and manages its affairs both professionally and accurately. He also brings empathy and understanding to our work while holding all stake holders accountable for their commitments and efforts.

Chujor Chujor
NIDO Board Chairman, Program officer in the Grants and Contributions Program CSPDB
Chujor has worked extensively with youth, seniors and new comers to Canada in “at risk” neighbourhoods for several years, both professionally and as a board member for community organizations. He has used his educational background in psychology and business to seek employment opportunities and provide employment counseling to members of his community. He currently works with Service Canada, actively working to assist marginalized communities through partnership development, capacity building and project management.

Anne Whitehead
NIDO Communications Consultant
Anne has experience working in the Ugandan media and entertainment industry, as well as managing projects in education and micro-finance. She specializes in effective business communications between diverse cultures. Anne has a Bachelors Degree from McGill University in International Development and a Masters degree from Ryerson University in Communications.

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